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We are carding

American family owned company Duncan Carders built us super awesome wide electrical drum carder. We are carding our super soft alpaca fiber now!

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Wile Farm´s alpaca yarn

Beautiful, warm and soft cardigan got ready from Wile Farm´s alpaca yarn (colour code W12). The yarn is made of our fawn Diplomat and white alpacas fiber. Diplomat is on the photo.

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Time to sum up

Wile Farm´s first alpaca year is slightly going to the end. First alpacas came to our farm at the beginning of February last year. The year has been busy and interesting, we have been learning and teaching, we have got wiser every day but sometimes felt ourselves silly. It has been right decision to take alpacas, they make us happy. Finding a capable vet for our alpacas was our biggest concern but it resolved when vet Priit Koppel reached to the farm.

There where couple of unfortunate moments last year in the farm as well. One of our femail alpaca died and one cria didn´t make it longer than a day.  These moments were luckily overshadowd by 7 healthy and happy crias born in our farm last summer. Our first cria was born on May 12th and was named Wile being our farm´s  mascot. For today Wile is over 30 kg handsam male alpaca. We shared our alpacas for the first time last spring. Sheepshearer Aadam was able to shear our alpacas nicely.

In March we established Estonian Alpaca Association, today we have 10 members. Hopefully this association helps us to get better and wiser alpacaowners.

During last summer we showed alpacas to many interested people. More than 500 people visited us on opened farm´s day in July. Our first alpaca knitwear got ready at the end of the summer, we sell them in our e-shop now. In addition to our family our local knitters from Türi are busy to knit from the wonderful alpaca yarn to our farm. Our first alpaca fiber was made into yarn the end of the year, we also sell alpaca yarn from Bolivia.

We attended Järvamaa Days in Tallinn Solaris Center in November where we sold most of our products. We also attended North-Estonian Tourism Conference with our alpacas and in December we had alpaca workshops in Paide. It was possible to learn handcarding, spinning and felting there.

We have done a lot but even more should be done. There will be many interesting events as Tourest 2015, handicraft day in Wile Farm etc.

Recent ultrasound confirmed 8 crias to be born next summer. Let the new year begin. Happy new alpaca year!



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